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You would need certainly to wire a brand new circuit from the primary power field, and including electric wiring to a spot that currently exists is a royal discomfort within the end.

You would need certainly to wire a brand new circuit from the primary power field, and including electric wiring to a spot that currently exists is a royal discomfort within the end.

Step one, just before do anything else, is to obtain an electrician in and get him if it could be done at all, and exactly how much it might price. We suspect that after you have heard their estimate, which will be adequate to convince you to definitely abandon this task.

This dryer calls for 240V 30 amps. We utilized to reside in a location which had one want it; whatever they’re doing would be to run the washer off one period plus the dryer from the other, therefore having a 240V plug you should use both as well.

It fundamentally passed away and ended up being changed by another that ran down 120V. That certain additionally received 30 amps, and there is a switch from the front side that selected the washer or perhaps the dryer for the energy. Just one could possibly be used at the same time.

If you’re actually set about this, begin by getting an electrician in.

Recently I relocated into a location that desired $100 30 days additional lease for w/d.

We stated “no,” and its ended up never to be described as a huge deal. We do “fluff and fold” at a dry cleaner, drop off/pick up directly on the real method to work, and it’s really just around $12/trip for me personally.

And actually, you have not resided before you get the stuff right straight right back all crisply folded for you. it is so excellent. posted by drjimmy11 at

To further complicate things, simply because it really is an apartment does not mean you cannot run a vent; some let you are doing it if the board signs off on it ( e.g., my board usually states “okay.”)

That LG combination does seem like an excellent minimally-invasive solution when you can live utilizing the long drying time. Once more, regardless of if it does not require unique plumbing work or venting be sure the condo permits W/Ds or some nosy neighbor will bitch into the board as well as your life will likely to be hell. Therefore speak with the handling representative and a few owners and obtain the skinny in your building. published by contrary George at 6:31 PM on March 26, 2007

Bases from the responses, i have arrived at two conclusions: 1) A “real” w/d set into the condo probably will not work. Further complicating the situation is my sink is a long way away from the screen and there is another product on the other hand for the wall surface. 2) i am gonna appearance to the LG combo. nobody It definitely appears promising.

Many thanks for the responses up to now. They have aided a lot to figure out of the way i do want to go!

I possessed a pretty basic ‘apartment’ washer & dryer set for many years now. They clean and dry simply fine. The dryer’s near a window that we start a wee bit if i am doing lots of lots, and I also generally speaking went it just during the night in the doggier days of summer, but. as a whole, very little of an inconvenience.

If it’s simply you, you are most unlikely to come up with sufficient washing because of it to be a extremely moist hassle. I would personallyn’t think twice to obtain the sort that is same of machines once more.

And, i am tying this hunched over a big and home that is depressing report when it comes to thing i am purchasing, and also to express we nearly envy your form of ‘deal-breaker.’ Whether it’s otherwise great, do it now. posted by kmennie

Wow, many thanks for the knowledge concerning the washer-dryer thing-y that is new-fangled.

The marketing materials claim it is energy conserving — have the users right here found that it is therefore (though it has got to run all night)?