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Which is not how it functions. Oxytocin will not “work its way to avoid it of one’s human body.

Which is not how it functions. Oxytocin will not “work its way to avoid it of one’s human body.

” It is a neurotransmitter which is implicated in several various social interactions, and also you do not crash away from some form of oxytocin high when you’ve got intimate connection with somebody. posted by solipsophistocracy at 2:53 PM may 27, 2009

How can I keep myself from feeling straight straight down about this?

That you do not. If you’re disappointed, do not try to escape as a result. Just feel disappointed. It’s completely normal. published by Ironmouth at 3:43 PM may 27, 2009

Been here, done that. Nthing distraction, provided that distraction will not add more stands that are one-night.

this will be apparent, but, um, yeah. Simply thought I would put it on the market. posted by coppermoss at 4:54 PM may 27, 2009 [1 favorite]

Often hook-ups are not worthwhile, whenever totaling all the pros and cons including the manner in which you feel afterward.

I have been here far a lot of times before We finally discovered to not ever bother. Good adequate to screw, however good adequate up to now. Which is just how I was made by it feel afterward. Applied.

But decide to try telling that to your deliciously flattered previous self, all awash in flirtatious neurotransmitters plus the most of intimate excitement. Sometimes the sole winning move is never to play. published by marble at 9:14 PM on May 27, 2009 [1 favorite]

But decide to try telling that to your deliciously flattered self that is previous all awash in flirtatious neurotransmitters and also the a lot of intimate excitement. (marble)

That is exactly the feeling i needed to get back once again to. You can not reunite, is it possible to? Maybe maybe Not without going against coppermoss’s severely sound advice. published by ocherdraco at 4:08 AM on might 28, 2009

Because I do not have their number, and cannot ask the close friend he is a pal of, because, erm. well, it gets stupidly complicated in the real method these exact things appear to do (and I also’d choose not to ever get into information about that). I have delivered him a pal request on Twitter, and as he hasn’t yet responded, i believe it really is probably better to simply allow this 1 get.

It absolutely was fun, though. published by ocherdraco at 5:48 AM on might 28, 2009

Having had the same experience recently, i need to acknowledge – though i’m maybe not a manhunt Buddhist or perhaps a meditator – this 1 thing that helped ended up being with the mindfulness meditation manner of wanting to simply notice and acknowledge the way I was experiencing, without getting trapped within the psychological litany of my annoyance/disappointment etc. I becamen’t constantly in a position to do this, however it was much better than either trying to squash and reject my thoughts or simply providing them with free reign. As you, I happened to be delighted about hooking up, but could not assist feeling only a little bad whenever all things considered this closeness there was clearly simply – absolutely nothing – although it was not like we had been all of that appropriate anyhow.

Interruptions are good, nevertheless when those feelings show up, at them and think, oh, I’m feeling hurt (or whatever), without getting invested in the emotion, especially since it doesn’t seem to be based in deep feelings on your part as they will for a little while, try to just look. I would suggest this given that it feels like – as it had been beside me – these negative emotions are type of rote thoughts rather than a completely accurate representation of the manner in which you feel about any of it situation.

Then remind yourself associated with the positives, while you currently appear to be doing, and attempt to cultivate experiencing detached from expectations about feasible futures using this individual. It absolutely was just what it absolutely was, and even though it may have been nice if it had led to other things too, that’s not what is happening, and that is okay too, as you did get to own this enjoyable experience that by itself had been worthwhile. posted by sumiami at 2:00 PM may 28, 2009