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basement finishing. Seeking to complete your basement off and can include a restroom?

basement finishing. Seeking to complete your basement off and can include a restroom?

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Finishing The Basement Bathroom

Trying to complete your basement off and can include a bathroom? Interested in mastering more about PEX plumbing system and its particular benefits? Think about tiling your basement restroom shower like a man that is wild? Welcome my buddy. Grab a Fat Tire as this post is for you.

Harsh In Plumbing

The step that is first any appropriate basement restroom finish task could be the plumbing work. Perchance you’ve got pipelines already roughed in, perchance you don’t. With a jackhammer because you’re going to be busting up some concrete if you don’t, get ready to familiarize yourself. Even although you’ve got your cellar restroom plumbing work already roughed in, there’s a great opportunity those pipes aren’t into the right spot and don’t match your basement completing plans. Yet again, prepare to become acquainted with a jackhammer.

Moving the plumbing system had been something i did son’t need to worry about because we chose to place our cellar restroom right over our rough in pipelines. I’m perhaps perhaps not likely to get in-depth with this if you do have to move your basement bathroom plumbing don’t let this project scare you because I don’t have the experience, but. Here’s a great basic movie on just what it might seem like to bust up your concrete slab and install the toilet plumbing work:

Cellar Bathroom Plumbing With PEX

Let’s jump right in with my choice to utilize PEX pipeline for my cellar bathroom plumbing system. We made this decision for the reasons that are few

1) It’s Flexible – That means I didn’t need to worry about soldering an every that is joint we had a need to create a change, as you will have to do with old-fashioned copper pipeline. This also decreases the probabilities you’ll have poor joint in your plumbing work since you won’t have! 2) helps you save Time – because of without having to solder at each change, you save an unbelievable amount of the time setting up PEX piping. In the event that you’ve followed some of my other articles I’m big on saving time and also this is a huge time saver. 3) Saves You Money – PEX pipes are less costly than copper piping! Adequate stated. 4) PEX Pipes Less Likely to Freeze – you’re probably familiar with frozen pipes if you live in an area where you’re subject to freezing temperatures. Bid farewell to pipes that are frozen PEX. The nature that is flexible of plumbing work permits water to freeze and thaw typically without having any problems. 5) PEX Has Successful Itself – in the event that you look into the past reputation for PEX, these items had been utilized means back in the 30’s. It had been mainly utilized vgl in commercial construction as well as in the 2000’s it became standard for plumbing technicians to replace copper piping with PEX piping.

I would highly recommend it if you’re interested in using PEX piping in your basement finishing project. For those who have questions regarding PEX that We don’t address on this page, simply join my cellar completing forum on PEX piping.

PEX to Copper Plumbing

Odds are your existing plumbing system is all copper piping, if that’s the actual situation here’s one step by action guide to experiencing your current copper piping with PEX. First you’ll wish to find a certain area where you’ll have the ability to make use of your current copper pipelines. Our primary flooring restroom had been straight above our cellar restroom so that it ended up being an easy task to make use of the hot and cool copper pipelines that resulted in the sink above.

1) Get materials – always always always Check away what we necessary for my cellar restroom plumbing work task. Spot the actually crappy PEX crimper I initially purchased to try to reduce your cost. It didn’t work on all, therefore I ended up investing additional money regarding the high quality PEX crimper device.

– Here you will find the tools we strongly recommend for the task:

– Everything else need that is you’ll pictured however these four tools can certainly make your cellar restroom plumbing task less difficult.

2) Turn Your Water Off, Drain Your Pipes – Don’t get this to rookie error. Cutting to your pipes that are existing switching from the water first is just a recipe for catastrophe, the one that wouldn’t be super easy to spell out to your lady. – First turn your water down turn on all then the sinks, showers, tubs, in your own home until your pipelines are obvious of water.

3) Cut Your Copper Pipes – Grab your pipe cutter, up open it and place it around your copper pipe. – To ensure a clean cut tighten the cutter around the pipe until you make contact with the copper pipe and spin it. As soon as the cutter spins effortlessly, tighten up and spin it once again. Repeat this over and over repeatedly until such time you’ve cut through the copper pipeline cleanly. – Be certain to grab a bucket for just about any water kept in your pipelines.

4) Insert SharkBite Fittings – My pipes had enough wiggle to accommodate the SharkBite fitting to match securely in position where the copper had been cut by me pipelines. You might want to cut a section that is small of away to guarantee the fitting is seated precisely and never causing your copper pipelines to flex.

PEX into the Basement Bathroom

Once you’ve tapped into the current plumbing, run your PEX piping through the wall surface behind your cellar bathroom sink, lavatory, and tub/shower. Once more we made a decision to utilize the SharkBite push-fit fixtures for the sink and lavatory. The bath valve we bought included PEX barb fixtures, which often need metal bands and a crimping device to make certain a fitting that is solid no leakages. I made a decision to perform a little copper pipeline in the wall surface therefore as opposed to seeing PEX pipe appearing out of the wall surface you saw a copper pipeline.

Then I made one additional run of PEX piping from the bath valve location up in to the roof joists for the rain bath mind. You can observe we additionally capped from the hot and runs that are cold SharkBite push-fit plugs so we’re able to turn our water right straight back on.

Shower Valve this can be one part for which i did son’t take sufficient pictures so I’m likely to walk you through the things I bought and exactly how I mounted my bath valve.

We wound up choosing a Delta Shower Valve and Delta Vero Shower Head and We strongly recommend both items. Check them out here: Delta Shower Valve Delta Vero Series Shower Trim

Here’s an excellent video clip on mounting the shower valve with PEX piping along with utilizing the crimping device that I suggest buying. Every situation is significantly diffent, but comprehending the gist of mounting the bath valve and making use of the crimping tool is one of part that is important. Knowing so it’s a tremendously project that is straightforward.

Setting up the restroom Exhaust Fan

More to come on how best to install your bathroom exhaust fan.

Tiling The Shower

Stay tuned in when I post more updates on completing the cellar restroom, including tiling the VIP bath!